January 21, 2021

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Punishment for loving a Christian boy: Parents made their daughter bald

Punishment for loving a Christian boy: Parents made their daughter bald

The parents, uncle, and aunt of a young Bosnian Muslim-born French girl bald her for loving a Serbian Christian boy, for which they are now facing a torture charge.

According to French court sources, the 17-year-old girl was not only bald but also tortured in Biscayne’s eastern French city on Monday.

French police arrested the girl’s parents with her uncle and aunt after the incident, but they were later released on court bail but are now barred from contacting the girl.

The girl has been granted judicial protection. “They (the girl’s relatives) will be tried later this year on ‘violence against minors,'” Deputy Prosecutor Margaret Parretti said Friday.

The girl moved with her family from Bosnia and Herzegovina to France two years ago and dated a Serbian boy for several months who lived in the same building.

Parity added: “The two families knew each other, and there was no problem (between them), but when they started talking about marriage, the girl’s parents told her, ‘We are Muslims, so you Can’t marry a Christian.

The girl’s family snatched her phone and prevented her from contacting her boyfriend. The couple then fled for four days, and on their return, the girl stayed with the boy’s parents in their apartment.

The incident of shaving the head in the context of love caused a wave of grief and anger in France. After World War II, thousands of French women were sentenced to be bald for belonging to Nazi occupation forces.